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Mountains: The Dreams of Lily Kwok

“...Jennifer Tang has crafted a production that stands up as a vividly realised theatrical experience...Verdict: Visually arresting, admirably unflinching depiction of an extraordinary real-life success story”

The Stage

Mountains: The Dreams of Lily Kwok

“Director Jennifer Tang’s production of Tse’s bestseller ingeniously blends humour, tragedy, anger, warmth and sadness in a show as perfectly seasoned as one of Tse’s own dishes…[a] wonderful production”

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Mountains: The Dreams of Lily Kwok

“A remarkable production that combines a cleverly structured script with outstanding performances and an impressive set to tell a compelling story of one woman's life.”

Manchester Theatre Awards


“Whatever weaknesses there are ... they’re made up for by Lulu Raczka’s Clytemnestra and Chris Thorpe’s Chorus. Raczka’s segment is almost not an adaptation: it’s an overview of how the story might exist in different minds and different media...this is tragedy through a prism; four fierce beams, different shades of one story. Theme and variation, to stunning effect."

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"Triumphant. Heartfelt exercise in community theatre."

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Constellations & One Day When We Were Young

"...Precisely tuned and sensitive about life's eternal questions…..If you’re curious about contemporary British drama in a classy production in its original language, you should visit GEST...."